Middle Earth: Shadow of War is Announced

Monday Warner Brothers announced the sequel to the critically acclaimed Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor with an epic cinematic trailer that you can view below.

The trailer shows Talion and Celebrimbor, the protagonists of the first game, forge a new ring of power inside Mount Doom. How this will effect gameplay, we have yet to find out, but seeing how the rings of power are such an important part of the world of Middle Earth as written by J.R.R. Tolkien, this is a major bit of news about the new game.

Also shown in this trailer are more human characters defending a city, which appears to be Minas Ithil, known by fans of The Lord of the Rings Trilogy as Minas Morgul home of the Witch King. Die hard fans will know that the city was named Minas Morgul after (spoiler alert) it was taken by The Witch King, a Nazgul and servant of Sauron, from the people of Gondor, and seeing as we see the city under attack from Nazgul, it is a safe bet to say that we will get to see this happen in Shadow of War.

Another interesting reveal for Tolkien fans is the Balrog (fiery horned demon-like creature) seen with the forces of Mordor in the trailer. Fans of The Lord of the Rings will recognize this as the same type of creature that Gandalf fights with. Even though Balrogs have never been shown to serve Sauron, in Tolkien lore Sauron and the Balrogs were both servants of Morgoth so it makes sense that they would work together again.

As a long-time Middle Earth fan, the prospect of possibly fighting both Nazgul and a giant Balrog in Shadow of War is both terrifying and exciting. Seeing Minas Ithil/Morgal in its glory is also thrilling. We will see exactly what the developers have planned for these characters and places as well as what having our own ring of power means in the future.

We do not have that long to wait for some of our questions to hopefully be answered, for as the reveal trailer says, we will be getting a gameplay reveal trailer on March 8.

Tolkien’s fantasy world of Middle Earth has many diehard fans, myself included, and Shadow of Mordor did not only make good use of that IP, it was also an extremely fun and innovative game. Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor was a critically acclaimed game, winning the Game Developers Choice Awards game of the year. One of the things that stood out about the game was it’s innovative Nemesis System that allowed for unique and interesting orc captains to be randomly generated in the game. The orc captains would also build enmity with the player character and remember the player’s actions.

It is unclear as of yet if there will be any more innovations, but if the great mix of combat and stealth in the first game, along with the Nemesis System, make their way back into Shadow of War, it’s safe to say that it will be another fun game.

Thankfully, it looks like gamers will not have long to wait to step back into the hostile battlefield of Mordor, as Middle Earth: Shadow of War is given an August 22 2017 by the trailer.


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