Do Violent Video Games Lead to Real-World Violence?

Photo credit: New York Times

I often think it’s funny that people still believe that violent video games lead to real-world violence. Back in 2014, researchers Patrick M. Markey, Charlotte N. Markey, and Juliana E. French conducted a study comparing rises in video game sales with real-world violent crime. They published their results in an article, “Violent Video Games and Real-World Violence: Rhetoric Versus Data” in Psychology of Popular Media Culture. The results of the study are telling.

The charts show that rises in video game sales corresponds to a decrease in homicides. This could be because of many factors, and one of the likely factors is that the same demographic that plays the most video games (young men) also commits the most murders.

Whatever the correlation, the data shows that video games are not linked to violence.

You can access the full article here.

This should set Christian minds at ease. Violent video games are not from the devil, as some may believe, and they do not necessarily cause sin. They are just another form of media to consume responsibly.

Thank you for reading and God bless.


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