New Character Introduced to Overwatch

Overwatch is a truly great competitive multiplayer game that has much to entice gamers into playing. One of the greatest features of Overwatch is the free DLC. The third free character has just been added to Overwatch, and she seems pretty cool.

The video above from GameSpot’s Youtube channel is the released origin story of the Orisa. Apparently, the new character used to be just another model of a generic battle robot, very much like Bastion. However, this robot was rebuilt and reprogrammed by a little girl named Efi to be a new hero.

Orisa is a new tank with supportive and defensive abilities. Right now, she has 400 health, which is less than all the other tanks. There is a strong possibility that she will be modded before the next competitive season at least once, since she has been withheld from the current season, but here is a list of her abilities and how they work as of now.

Fusion Driver

Orisa’s main weapon holds 150 shots, deals 12 damage per shot, and shoots at a rate of 12 shots per second. It seems to be a great tool for spraying the enemy and spreading out damage among their ranks in order to support your teammates.  It is not accurate or powerful enough to be great at eliminating single targets, but it is still a powerful gun for a more support-oriented hero.

Protective Barrier

This is the real meat of this character. It has a barrier, much like Rienhardt’s shield, but stationary. The shield has 900 health points to Rienhardt’s 2000, but Orisa has the ability to shoot while using it. It is on a 8-second cool down that starts after placement, not after the barrier is destroyed, so it is fairly easy to move. After playing as Orisa, I like the barrier much better than Winston’s, because it does not time out. I am not sure I like it better than Rienhardt’s though, even though it is nice to be able to shoot while using the barrier.


This ability functions like a Zarya ult in that it sucks enemies into it, but it is smaller, and it does not hold them.  It can be nice to slow enemies down or draw them from cover.


Fortify makes Orisa take less damage for 4 seconds and also be immovable. This second part is more interesting because it basically makes her invulnerable to effects that would move or stun her, like Rienhardt’s charge, Lucio and Pharah’s boop, or Road Hog’s hook.


Her ult is not the most exciting, but it can be very effective if used right. Orisa’s ultimate has her place a destructable object that projects damage boost beams (like Mercy’s) to all allies around it.  It can be very effective if the team is bunched together, as they will all gain a 50% increase to damage, and it is best if used behind Orisa’s barrier, because enemy’s can destroy it like Symmetra’s teleporter and shield generator.

All in all, the new tank seems to be a promising addition to the Overwatch team.  I personally plan on using her in payload defense games, but I am sure there will be many interesting strategies in how to use her.


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