Console Wars: Good or Bad?

Photo Credit: TechRadar

It has been several years now since the releases of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 back at the end of 2013. Back then, console wars about which system was better and what should be bought was huge, but even now, the war continues. For those interested, IGN keeps and regularly updates a detailed chart comparing the two consoles as well as the WII U (I don’t know if they are going to update it to include the Switch or not).

Fans of both consoles bicker with each other about which is better. But why? Why does it matter which system is better if we all just play on our own console of choice? The battle is worse for Xbox and PlayStation fans, but this goes for PC and Nintendo users too. Why do we care about what other people think about our console of choice?

Really, most of it comes from marketing. Gaming companies want these wars to rage because it draws more attention to their product. Xbox wants their fans to be loyal, just as PlayStation fans do, because when they are passionately loyal, they continue to buy their products and maybe even persuade their friends to buy them as well.

The wars also stem from the fact that the gaming community is passionate about what they love. Game consoles are different from other technology, because gamers are different than other technology enthusiasts. There’s more passion there, because games make us feel powerful emotions and they mean something to us as gamers.

So, are the console wars good or bad?


For me, there is a good side and a bad side.

The bad side is when it comes to the fans. We’ve all seen forum posts and YouTube comments of toxic fans that spout their hate-filled rants against consoles that they don’t like. They are mean, illogical, and only ever generate more anger and hate. This is prominate in the Xbox vs. PlayStation world, as well as those “PC master race” people who call gamers on console “peasants.” Thankfully, it always seems that Nintendo fans are much more civil.

The reason this is so dumb is that each console has its pros and cons and it has been this way since the beginning. The hate is also silly when you think about how gaming should be about games, not hardware. I chose to buy an Xbox One back in 2013 because I love Halo, and I wanted to be able to play the next Halo game. I also love Uncharted, but I knew that I would spend more hours on a Halo game than I would on any future Uncharted game. Certain consoles may have more games on certain years, but whichever has the games that interest you should be the console you choose.

Some people also care about performance and hardware, and that is fine. If you have the money, build a nice PC. If you are on a budget, or you prefer console gaming, Playstation has the best hardware right now.

These are choices that individuals make because of their preference. To start fights and arguments over such decisions is pointless, and, from a Christian perspective, not Christ-like at all (Jesus only ever started arguments over things that mattered). If I had the money, I would have an Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo, so I could play Halo, Uncharted. and Smash Bros Does that mean I hope that one day there will be only one console that has all the games? Actually, no, and that brings me to the good side of the console wars.

Competition. Competition is always good between companies. In a free market, competition insures that companies will always do their best to create the most awesome products that they can. It is a beautiful thing, really. If we only had one console, chances are, it would be pretty crappy, cost more, and not have any interesting first-party games. So, console wars are good, because monopolies are bad.

The PlayStation 4 vs. Xbox One console wars continue. PlayStation has sold almost double the consoles that Xbox has according to most estimates, but Xbox is still doing well. Nintendo, who has lagged severely behind with the Wii U, may be making a comeback with the Switch, but only time will tell. Hopefully, we continue to have strong competition and a healthy gaming market, because all we really want are good games, and quality consoles to play them on.

Thank you for reading, and God bless!


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