Mass Effect Andromeda: Two Weeks After Release

Andromeda has received pretty low reviews for a AAA title, getting a total 71% Metacritic score which includes a really low, 6/10 rating from GameSpot.

Many are furious of the game, and it has gotten plenty of hate from fans.

Is Andromeda the worst game ever? No.

Are the facial animations messy, the dialogue stilted, the writing shaky, and the characters dull? Yes, but not as bad as some are saying.

Every game that has a lot of anticipation around it is going to end up getting a lot of hate, especially if the game is disappointing.

Honestly, Andromeda is extremely disappointing as a Mass Effect fan.  Mass Effect fans expect the greatest writing, most interesting characters, and the absolute best stories to exist in the gaming world. These are high expectations to live up to, but they are expectations that have been set by the quality of the Mass Effect trilogy.

So, when a game has such high expectations, it is really easy to come up short.

The game may not be that good, but I have enjoyed playing it. The exploration and combat are really fun, and although the story is not on par with previous Mass Effect games, I have gotten invested into the fate of the Andromeda Initiative and the characters.

There is some gold there, if you care to look.


The Ryder family is interesting, and something we never got from Sheppard in Mass Effect.  The atmosphere of exploring and finding new worlds is also different than the trilogy, and it is a nice, fresh new twist.

Another important thing to note is that as a fan of the Mass Effect games Andromeda is disappointing, but as a fan of Mass Effect lore the game is quite fun to explore.

The visuals all feel Mass Effect, and everything besides character faces look beautiful on the Frostbite engine.


I think that the key here is that this is still a fun game that can be really enjoyed.  It is definitely not game of the year material, but if you like big open worlds, action RPGs, or Mass Effect, this is a good game.

I do not regret purchasing Mass Effect Andromeda, and neither should you.

Thank you for reading, and God bless!


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