Resting by Playing Video Games

Photo Credit: Red vs. Blue

The Bible has a lot to say about resting. God set the precedent for rest after he created the world, when he chose to rest on the seventh day, giving us an example to follow. It is only through rest that we can be recharged to work again effectively.

This is where video games can be helpful. Video Games can be a relaxing activity that calms the mind and recharges the soul.

This is not always the case, though. Sometimes, games can be stressful. It depends a lot on the person playing the games and on mood that they are in, but sometimes, gaming can be exhausting.

This is often true when playing competitive multiplayer. Any activity that is extremely competitive is usually also stressful. It is certainly hard to relax when in the middle of fierce competition.

Resting is also difficult when playing games on hard difficulties. Playing Dark Souls or any game on the hardest difficulty requires a great deal of focus, and is far from relaxing.

The problem with only playing games that are difficult, or maintaining a constant, laser focus while playing, is that we miss out on the opportunity to rest.

Video games can be a great way for us to recharge from the rigors of day-to-day life.

Rest is a Biblical concept. God wants us to rest, so that we can appreciate life and be rejuvenated to work for him more effectively.

This is an important idea, because some Christians see no purpose for playing video games, and they are right if we treat video games like work constantly.

My point is that video games should be fun, and if we are stressed constantly when we play, gaming becomes just another task for us to accomplish. We need to get that one more achievement, beat this one more game, climb one more rank in competitive multiplayer. Games should not be work, they should be fun, and sometimes just relaxing.

I am not saying that there is no place for taking the game seriously. Us gamers need to take the game seriously sometimes, because there are things that we need to accomplish, and playing games at a high level is fun.

What I am saying is that we also need to take some time to rest. We need to be mindful with how much stress we are dealing with, and if we are in a time of our life where we have a lot on our plate, adding video game stress to the list won’t help.

Put in a game you are good at, or just casually enjoy the experience of a narrative-focused game. Lay back, and don’t worry about it; just enjoy the beautiful experience that games are.

God wants us to rest.

Thank you for reading, and God bless!


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