Shadow of War: What We Know so Far

IGN has been doing a series of “IGN First” videos on Middle Earth: Shadow of War.

These videos have been the only true source of info about the game.

For the full playlist of the videos, click here:

The most recent video (below) gives us a bit more info about the new Nemesis System and how it relates to fortresses. Fortresses will have ranks that show the player how hard it will be to defeat, and the fortresses can be made easier if some of the war chiefs are killed first.


The video also showed how the design of the fortresses change depending on what clan the overlord of the fortress belongs to.

Once the player has control of the fortress, they can change the overlord at will.

What earlier videos have shown is is the confirmation of Minas Ithil being a major part of the game, as I predicted in my Shadow of War Announcement article.

Minas Ithil.png

The city appears to be an absolutely massive open-world environment which will factor in to the main story-line substantially.

Nazgul as fight-able enemies have been confirmed, and it has been shown that there are many new types of beasts that can be ridden, like ice graugs and fire drakes.

Another exciting new change that the new game is bringing is the expansion of the RPG elements.

The skill tree is shown to be much larger with more branches, and the addition of gear is a very welcome change.

The skill tree is much more like a familiar video game skill tree, where there are many different abilities that can be unlocked, and these abilities can be upgraded in different ways. This will allow for a greater level of choice in how players upgrade their Talion.

Gear can be won off of enemies, much the same way the previous game had captains drop runes. When a captain is killed, a random piece of gear (sword, dagger, bow, armor, cape, or ring rune) is dropped. The tougher the captain, the better the item dropped is.


The stats for the gear seem pretty in-depth. There are also gems that can be added to gear to add other bonuses.

The story of the game has something to do with Talion and Celebrimbor forging a new ring of power, as well as the fall of Minas Ithil, but what the main objective of the game is is not yet clear.

A large part of the game seems to be conquering areas of the map which involves the new Nemesis system and the awesome fortress siege gameplay featured in the gameplay walk-through that I have already written about in-depth.

How many territories there are to conquer or how many open-world environments that will be available to explore have not been revealed yet.

The hype for this game continues to build, and some have even said that this will be the game of the year for 2017.


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